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Azeroth’s Farmer’s Almanac Fish Farming

Oily Blackmouth is obtained by fishing and is a component in Blackmouth Oil (made with Alchemy). Fishing for Oily Blackmouth requires (third tier) fishing skill-level of 55 (or to ensure a catch).

Сообщение от Ibragim В Алхимии используется 3 рыбы: Сообщение от Stellar Цитата: Сообщение от Stellar razorless hater, пермабан, твинк Фресно. I have fished and recorded the catches from 87 different pools, mostly late evening, over several different days based on both patch 1. The average number of successful catches before each pool disappeared was 2. The average number of items gained from fishing one pool until it disappears is shown in the table below:.

oily blackmouth где ловить 1.12.1

Essence of Water typically sell for over 5 gold each at the Auction House. The other items may sell for a respectable amount of silver. Fishing these pools can be a highly profitable enterprise. There are at least six places where patches of Elemental Water may be found. I and respected sources, such as Thalen have only ever found six locations, however others have been rumoured to exist. Gold pins mark the six confirmed locations on the map below. The pool in the far north-west is outside this area, and hence has a lower fishing skill requirement. In practice, even accomplished fishermen and women with skill and various items of fishing gear will want to use lures.

oily blackmouth где ловить 1.12.1

Since the pools are quite a distance apart, you may need to apply a new lure at each pool. Since you will have to swim between pools rather than run or ride, as is normally the case when fishing pools elsewhere , items that increase swimming speed are very useful. Some rather large giants patrol the area, although these are surprisingly easy to evade if you watch where you are swimming. The only other people you will see here will be fishing or conducting business with the Hydraxian Waterlords , so the area is relatively safe.

Spark-Media.ru Forum: Fishing/Рыбная ловля - Spark-Media.ru Forum

For discussion of how these pools appear, see the Pool Appearance topic. The sporadic appearance of these pools, their popularity amongst veteran fishermen and women, and the finite number of buyers for Essence of Water, all mean that patches of Elemental Water are not well suited to continuous fishing. However, one minute swim round the bay will often catch a couple of Essence of Water, which will earn you at least 10 gold. This compares favourably to most other money-making activities. И получаем мега удочку. Пользовательские ссылки Активные темы. Информация о пользователе Привет, Гость! Белая льняная рубашка шьет портной На руки: Перчатки без пальцев ткань дроп ткань На ноги: Галоши Тимми высокоуровневый дроп кольчуга На ноги: Болотные галоши квест кольчуга На ноги: Шузы Черного Огра дроп: А есть че нить круче, чем начальная удочка? Если же уровень области соответствует твоему навыку — наживки не нужны. Как узнать, столько еще будет действовать наживка? Теперь такая возможность есть в стандартном интерфейсе. Где можно достать рыболовного бота?

oily blackmouth где ловить 1.12.1

У каких итемов есть бонус к рыбалке? Так поначалу делают многие. Comment by jshank As of patch 4. The only way to confirm this is to fish up the firefin snappers to see what spawns in those locations.

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Comment by sno These can be fished the dock at the end of the new Darkmoon Faire Island when the monthly faire is in town. And you might also manage to fish up a Sea Pony while you are at it. I found at least 2 pools there. Comment by nukchuu1 I found The zoram strand to be good for pools in like 20 min i got 50 or so fish and i was also mining copper at the same time: I also found a few more nodes while travelling the coast and as I returned south, I crossed in to nearby Ashenvale for two more schools. Your best bet is running up and down the coasts of Ashenvale to Auberdine. There is only one pool of water there, so it is easy to find.

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  • However, the drop rates increase dramatically during certain times of the day. The best time to fish, is between noon and 6PM to server time. Scholomance has the greatest drop rate, but this is yet another fish that has better rates at certain times of the day. Actually, make that night time between Midnight and 6AM server time. However, if you find that attaining access to Scholomance is a bit much for you, you can fish in Eastern Plaugelands, as shown in the map below. Mostly fished for hunter pets they love this fish , the fish can also be sold for the cookers.

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    The highest rate can be found within the Coilfang Reservior: On the plus side, Bloodfins do sell high, if not often. Рекомендую качнуть скилл до не выходя из Zangamarsh. Ловите рыбу с наживками , можете ловить из "кругов" на воде. До примерно каждая 8 рыбка будет давать 1 скилл. С до каждая Barbed Gill Trout - обычная рыбка, ее конечно можно приготовить, но бафа она не даст.

    oily blackmouth где ловить 1.12.1

    Ловится в Nagrand, Terrokar Forest, Zangarmarsh. Ловится как в Terokkar Forest, Zangarmarsh с кругов и открытой воды.

    oily blackmouth где ловить 1.12.1

    Прочий мусор ловится как с воды так и с кругов: Goldenscale Vendorfish - ловится достаточно редко. Продает её старый дядька на нижнем уровне ББ по цене 1 голд или для ленивых в АукционХаус в Огри где она продается от 1,5 до 2 голды. Преквест получаем у Фишер-тренера в Огри и дуем в Дастволлоу Марш коорд 58,60 ,где Нат Пагле главный великий рыбак всех времени и народов в ВоВ даст вам этот квест. В квесте надо принести Нату 4 рыбы: Ещё один полезный квест: Small Lustrous Pearl -- кузнечное дело, шитье и кожевенное дело. Iridescent Pearl -- кузнечное дело, зачаровывание, шитье и кожевенное дело. Black Pearl -- кузнечное дело, зачаровывание, шитье и кожевенное дело.


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